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Senior/Lead Product Manager – Fully Remote – Gaming


Our client is one of the world’s largest esports and mobile gaming platforms with a current user base of over 60 million. They currently have over 50 games on their platform, with multiple mainstream as well as Indie game developers as partners. With a robust business model that generates consistent revenue, a fast growing user base, their platform model is thriving.

Responsibilities as Senior/Lead Product Manager:

 Gain a deep understanding of customer experience, identify and fill product gaps and generate new ideas that grow market share, improve customer experience and drive growth

 Study user behaviour using AppAnalytics software

 Drive product launches including working with public relations team, executives, our studio partners, and other product management team members

 Develop product pricing and positioning strategies.

 Conduct user feedback sessions via call, surveys and in person events

 Review daily KPIs and proactively identify opportunities, trends, and threats to the product.

 Lead a vertical for product related inquiries/ queries and work collaboratively with business units to address any issues that may arise

 Proven ability to develop product and marketing strategies

 Experience with Consumer facing products is huge plus

 Experience in the Gaming industry is huge plus and we will give extra creds to folks who have led gaming products from 0 to 1

 6+ Years of Product Management experience

 Experience working on Platform meta-feature such as leader boards, spinning wheels, dice etc.

Qualities we like in ourLeaders:

 Extremely Metric Focused - The metric that matters the most in our business is Player Games per day. The more the merrier.

 Outcome Focused and not Output focused - Simply put, it really matters how much you or your team work. The only thing that matters is whether the above metric moved positively or not

 Less is More - Has the ability to deconstruct a large problem into simple tasks for their teams and Prefers doing fewer things very well rather than doing many things very poorly

 Specialists - The captain of every team has to be good at something, we believe that the leader has to be a specialist at one discipline. It may be the product, business development or marketing or anything for that matter.

 Embrace Uncertainty - Startups are all about who reacts better and faster., leaders who win are usually folks who can embrace uncertainty and react fast to win!

Salary up to US$200K for a star candidate.

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