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Lead Game Designer AAA Console Games Studio London Ref 2494


As a Lead Game Designer, you will create, design, and deliver a unified game experience, while communicating the game vision throughout the studio, ensuring alignment across all disciplines.


  • Ensuring team members understand the vision and design and have the resources they require to perform their duties.
  • Keeping in close communication with the Creative Director, you will regularly and effectively communicate with any external partners or publishers.
  • You will explain your decision-making process and listen to other disciplines or Designers, iterating on their feedback.
  • Managing stakeholder and external relationships, by presenting the creative work done by the team, as well as negotiating changes and feature requests as required.
  • Managing and coaching Senior and Regular Game Designers.
  • Participating in peer-reviews will be a regular part of your job.
  • We will regularly communicate our progress in meeting quality, scope, and game vision objectives.
  • Your role is to define and execute feature optimizations and tuning plans,
  • Providing input to Production during development on project schedules to prioritize tasks for the developers responsible for feature sets, in alignment with the product vision.

 Essential Skills and Experience:

  • Embodied a Lead role in two AAA current-gen (PS4 / XBOX ONE) console or PC titles that have a multiplayer component, worked on from start to finish; preferably first-person or third-person shooters.
  • Experience in many areas of design, including feedback, controls, balance, narrative, game-feel, retention, usability, onboarding, social mechanics, and player motivation.
  • Playing and creating video games with a passion.
  • Solve problems independently and laterally without close supervision.
  • Prior experience authoring high-quality, extensive design documentation, such as wiki-based design documentation, flow charts, and spreadsheets.
  • In-depth understanding of industry trends related to genres, gameplay, development models, and financial models.
  • Experience with creating prototypes of gameplay mechanics in UE4, Unity, or similar tools.
  • A working knowledge of source-control applications (SVN, Perforce, AlienBrain, etc.).
  • Strong knowledge of Microsoft Office Products, as well as other business software, such as Microsoft Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, Visio, Adobe Photoshop, or similar.


Benefits include a competitive salary, no crunch, great benefits (private medical and dental cover), generous bonus schemes, friendly and supportive work environment….


Please e-mail your CV as a Word document to cvs@big-planet.biz quotingreference 2494.

We are an equal opps company, value diversity and do not discriminate.We are GDPR compliant.

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