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Senior Mission Designer AAA Console Games Studio London Ref 2495


The Role

The job of a Senior Mission Designer at Splash Damage involves conceptualizing and creating missions for the whole project. You'll develop multiple projects from concept to completion. A thorough understanding of the game engine, the capabilities of the game editor, and how to design missions are required. The ideal candidate also has a collaborative mindset, exceptional communication skills, both verbally and in writing, on top of seeing storytelling and mission design as two of your passions.


  • As part of the Design team, you'll help establish core pillars of Mission Design, working to ensure the game vision is realized while ensuring that all disciplines remain aligned.
  • Creating and maintaining visually appealing missions requires collaboration with other disciplines. By regularly reviewing playtest feedback, you can ensure the game's quality across the board.
  • Your mission iterations will always address the game's requirements since you will know where you should put your focus.
  • You will ensure that team members understand their goals and how they fit into the overall picture through constant communication.
  • As a coach and mentor, you will ensure that junior staff are equipped to perform their jobs effectively.
  • A good writer and speaker, you'll be able to communicate your concepts clearly and enthusiastically.
  • Considering project goals, and the target demographic, you will be able to comprehend the core gameplay mechanics and how the missions will showcase them.
  • Document your Mission Design guidelines and best practices thoroughly, ensuring Mission Design guidelines and best practices are up to date.
  • Maintain a focus on the gameplay aspects of missions and ensure the team shares this focus with other disciplines.
  • Throughout the project you will be expected to present your work to the team, upper management and the wider company, and be open to constructive criticism from all parties.
  • As a mission designer, you will work on sharing knowledge, reviewing content, and keeping the studio consistent both within the immediate team and among the entire studios.
  • The responsibility of managing, mentoring, and coaching regular and junior mission designers lies with you.
  • In addition to ensuring that junior staff are giving accurate estimates for their tasks, you will also work with your lead to enter work into management software.
  • To ensure the development team is given the work they are responsible for, according to the product vision, you will be providing input to Production on project schedules throughout development.
  • It is up to you to explain to the developers on your team the implications of changes to the mission design.
  • It is your responsibility to periodically monitor the bug database and fix issues as soon as possible to maintain stability and ensure the playability of your team's missions.
  • You will ensure that all missions are executed as efficiently as possible; you must understand performance restrictions and development limitations.
  • Communication with external partners and publishers.
  • Managing relationships, presenting the creative accomplishments of the team, negotiating new features and changes will be handled routinely and effectively.
  • It might be necessary for you to communicate with journalists, communities, and fans in a variety of formats, such as live appearances, pre-recorded interviews, and forum posting, acting as both an evangelist and an ambassador for the product.

Essential Skills and Experience:

  • Passion for all aspects of game design, from storytelling to visual language to combat and encounter design, flow, game balance to on-boarding and difficulty tuning.
  • 1 shipped AAA title from beginning to end from a senior position in the industry.
  • Developed mission content from concept to completion.
  • Degree in Video Game Design, Computer Science, Marketing, or Entertainment or a related field of study.
  • Interested in developing great quests and missions.
  • You should have experience managing people, mentoring staff, and managing a small team.
  • An attention to detail that is second to none.
  • Being able to work independently without constant supervision.
  • Experience in designing and developing missions using editing software (Unreal 4 preferred).
  • Vast background in gameplay event scripting and entity setup.
  • You've prototyped missions and gameplay mechanics using UE4, UE3, Unity or an equivalent program.
  • A proven track record of producing high quality and thorough design documentation, including flow charts and diagrams.
  • Knowledge of source control software (SVN, Perforce, AlienBrain, etc.).
  • A strong ability to think laterally and solve problems.
  • Deep understanding of players' needs and expectations.

Preferred Skills and Experience:

  • Experience as an integral part of a leadership group.
  • Assembling and presenting data in Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • You should have experience with, UnrealScript, Blueprints, Flow Graph, or another visual scripting tool.
  • Programming and scripting expertise.
  • Experience documenting designs using Wiki.
  • Exposure as a product ambassador, including making presentations to media and at events.
  • Understanding of how telemetry can be used in the design and content process when running games as services.

Please e-mail your CV as a Word document to cvs@big-planet.biz quoting reference 2495.

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