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Graphics Programmer – North East UK


Our client is a 3D technology development studio producing realtime rendering tech for virtual showrooms used by a wide range of clients and products. We seek a proven graphics programmer to join this award winning team.

The role:

• Create new graphics elements and enhance our cutting edge real-time rendering engine

• Implement & design software that bring the real & virtual world closer.

• Collaborate with programmers & artists to create advanced techniques for producing cutting edge fx

• Develop technology on state of the art high specification PC hardware

• Work with the latest hardware including top end graphics cards, UHD displays and VR headsets such as Oculus Rift 


• Must have strong software engineering and debugging skills

• Knowledge and experience with the Unity game and rendering engine • Algorithm, code optimisation, and 3D principles experience

• Extensive knowledge and up to date experience of graphics rendering and visual effects technology is essential

• Strong mathematics, 3D Maths, C++, C#, HLSL/cg, OpenGL and DirectX 9/10/11 skills

• Ability to design complex reusable systems

• Ability to debug both high and low level problems

• Experience with high-end PC development

• Ability to understand and optimise previously developed code

• Multiprocessor and/or multithreaded programming experience would be beneficial 


• Bachelors Computer Science degree or equivalent 

• Professional programming experience

• Knowledge of real-time surface rendering algorithms including physically based rendering techniques

• Experience using profiling tools for both CPU and GPU(Tuner, GPAD, PIX, GPA, VTune, etc.)

• Ability to research, implement and modify existing techniques   

CV to ash@big-planet.biz to apply

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