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GRAPHICS ENGINEER - VR - Newcastle-Upon-Tyne


This is an exciting opportunity to become an integral part of this award-winning VR team, working at the
forefront of 3D technology and partnering with some of the biggest brands in the business world. We’re
looking for dynamic individuals seeking to push tech boundaries in this forward thinking studio.


• To develop new graphics features and enhance our cutting edge real-time Virtual Environment
rendering engine
• Design and implement software that will bring the virtual and real world together
• Work closely with artists and programmers to develop advanced techniques for producing cutting
edge visual effects
• Develop technology on state of the art high specification PC hardware
• Work with the latest hardware including top end graphics cards, UHD displays and VR headsets such
as Oculus Rift


• Must have strong software engineering and debugging skills
• Knowledge and experience with the Unity game and rendering engine
• Algorithm, code optimisation, and 3D principles experience
• Extensive knowledge and up to date experience of graphics rendering and visual effects technology is
• Strong mathematics, 3D Maths, C++, C#, HLSL/cg, OpenGL and DirectX 9/10/11 skills
• Ability to design complex reusable systems
• Ability to debug both high and low level problems
• Experience with high-end PC development
• Ability to understand and optimise previously developed code
• Multiprocessor and/or multithreaded programming experience would be beneficial


• Bachelors Computer Science degree or equivalent
• Professional programming experience
• Knowledge of real-time surface rendering algorithms including physically based rendering techniques
• Experience using profiling tools for both CPU and GPU (Tuner, GPAD, PIX, GPA, VTune, etc.)
• Ability to research, implement and modify existing techniques

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