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TECHNICAL DESIGNER – Scotland - Mid Core Action Title – Mobile games


Our client is a new Scottish mobile games studio seeking an enthusiastic designer who knows their tech. As part of our design group, you’ll be heavily involved in the production and development of all multiplayer game content. Your scripting and technical work will help underpin the foundations of the game.


· The role involves visual script programming and game design. You will regularly liaise and collaborate with artists,animators,programmers and producers, and be a core resource to the rest of the level design team. Being able to work as part of a team is a must.

· You will use our visual scripting system to design and script missions and gameplay systems.

· Be resourceful and inventive with the tools available to you to implement unique and fun experiences, and re-usable systems. You are always looking for ways to fully exploit the potential of the scripting language you are using.

· You have a mind for numbers and logic. Working on complex systems with large sets of data, lots of moving parts and intricate scripting is something you thrive on.

· You will master the visual scripting system and be able to mentor other designers in its use.

Required Skills

· Experience with visual scripting systems(Unreal, Unity etc.) or other experience with programming and scripting languages (e.g. C#, VB, Lua, C++ etc.) is required.

· Comfortable in Excel and Word; able to write clearly and succinctly.

· A good communicator. You will be working with multiple disciplines in a team-oriented environment and must be able to clearly communicate goals leaving no room for vagueness or uncertainty. You must be able to listen to feedback and integrate that into your work.

Desirable Skills

· Experience as a designer or programmer working on AAA or Mobile games

· Experience with programming and scripting languages (e.g. Unity, Python, VB, LUA, C#, C++ etc.) highly preferred.

· When you talk about games, you love analysing the systems behind them. You know not only the “why” but the “how” a game system was implemented.

· Able to work independently and efficiently and able to take instruction and feedback. You understand about working under constraints.

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